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Collabor8 is a virtual marketplace for brands and influencers to connect and collabor8. Think of us as the Tinder of influencer marketing. We’ve already facilitated over 50k connections across the world and would love to connect you with those who can help grow your brand. The first step is to download the app, which you can learn about below!


I would love to join the Collabor8 platform! How do I join? 
You can find us in the App Store by searching for “Collabor8” or by using the following links:
App Store (Apple/iOS)
Google Play (Android)


How do I include a website link into my bio?
Click on your “Bio” under your “Profile” tab. Touch anywhere on the text portion of the screen and it will allow you to edit your personal info. The website entry will be near the bottom under “Bio” and above “Minimum Followers”. When entering in the website, be sure to list it as http://www.website.com.

I signed up as an influencer,  but I meant to choose brand (or visa versa). Can I switch?
Yes. Let us know and we’ll switch you over.

Can I change my profile picture?
Yes. Once you have added photos to your profile, scroll to the one you want as your main image and click the “profile” button on the top right of the photo.

Verified vs. Unverified accounts?
Verified accounts are ones that we have a current api connection to and pull your follower count directly from that social platform. Currently we have Instagram and Twitter. Facebook Pages (not personal fb) will be available soon. Unverified accts are those that we cannot verify automatically, but you can still add them in manually and they will contribute to your “total Reach.”

We have multiple people on our team who would like access to our Collabor8 account. How can they access it.
They can access your Collabor8 account as long as they have the login credentials to your instagram. They can download the app and log in to the same account.


What is the “requests” tab?
This tab shows you all the people that want to work with you. If you like their style and demographic, click the checkmark and that will begin a collab for you. Active collabs are found in the “collabor8” tab.

What is the “active” tab?
These are collabs that have been requested and accepted. You can now chat directly with them to establish details of the collab such as rate, trade, type of post, giveaway, etc.


I requested to work with someone on accident, can I recall the request? 
Yes you can! Just click on the “x” next to the request button in the top left corner of your screen.

How do I remove a collab from my active Collabor8 queue if one party becomes unresponsive? 
Click into “Collab Details” and then navigate to the bottom lefthand corner of the app to find the trashcan. Be careful tho, once this action is taken it can’t be undone!!

We have both accepted each other for a collab. What do we do now? 
Now is where the rubber meets the road! There are no rules on who needs to start the conversation, so just get in there and open up a dialogue! One message we like to send looks like this: “Thanks for accepting my collab request! I love your products and would love to do a styled shoot for you. What are  your thoughts?”

How do I limit those who can collabor8 with me?
There are two ways to do this. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can navigate to your “Profile” Tab and click “Account”. From there you can choose to “Disable New Collabs”. This will keep anyone in the future from being able to request you. The second option is to go into your bio info (see above) and enter a “Minimum Followers” number. For instance, if you’re a brand and prefer working with influencers who have more than 10,000 followers, you’ll enter 10,000 here.

Me and the other person/company have agreed to work together. Who makes the first move?
There is no science here. Feel free to take initiative and let each other know what you have in mind for the collab. In regards to the detail fly-out screen (blue circle) the INFLUENCER is the one who needs to set the agreed due date and the rate. If you have agreed on a trade, the “trade” button is at the bottom left corner of the keypad when you select the rate button.

What does it mean when I try to collabor8 with a brand and it says I need more influence?
This means that the brand prefers working with influencers who have a broader reach. Therefore, it’s on you to keep growing your following so you can unlock the ability to work with that respective brand.

This person accepted my collaboration request and we talked a bit, but I have not heard from them in awhile. Can I cancel the request but still leave them a review? 
You aren’t currently able to leave a review unless you’ve passed all the way through a collab, however we are implementing some automated actions that will penalize somebody’s rating if they are not responding to active collabs.

Can I see the requests that I have sent out to others? 
In Version 2 of the app you can. Prior to version 2, you are not able to see them.

What do the checkmarks next to my chat messages mean? 
1 check mark means that you message has been delivered. 2 check marks means that your message has been seen by the other collaborator.

What do the “$” signs mean in influencers profiles? 
These roughly represent how much this influencer is charging for collaborations in relation to what others might be charging. For example, if they only have one of the five dollar signs filled in green, then they charge a small amount. All five signs filled in would mean they charge more than most influencers on the platform.


Notifications. Getting fake notifications?
Some of you have been getting “ghost” notifications saying that you have collab requests, but nothing was in your requests. This should now be fixed. Just make sure you are up to date on the app version.

I am trying to add/remove photos from Instagram and am seeing a black screen.
Delete the app from your phone and reinstall it from the app store. This appears to be more of an issue on IG’s API. Make sure you have good service or WIFI to assure a good connection.


How does the payment process work if we are doing a paid collab?
First of all, either party will go into the details screen and set the rate of the collab after it has been agreed upon it in the chat screen. User will also set the expected due/post date. Once those 2 items are filled out, the brand will go to the details screen and make the 1-click payment which will debit the card information that brand has on file. The money then is held in Collabor8’s escrow account until the collab has been completed and verified by the brand. Once it has been verified, the full amount of the funds (we don’t take anything from the fee) will be deposited into the influencers Paypal or Square account. *If the collab goes dark or the influencer does not end up posting for whatever reason, the funds will be released back to the brand.

What payment processor is used on the app?
We use Stripe to accept and process all payments from the brands. We then pay out to the influencer via Paypal or Square, whichever is preferred.

What does it mean when I have collabs in my ACTIVE screen?
This means that you have both agreed to collabor8 with each other and you are ready to spark up a chat and proceed with collab.


What does “POSTPONED” mean?
This could mean a few different things. For example, it could mean that they are currently booked for collabs, they have surpassed their collab budget for a given time frame, or they’d like to revisit the opportunity after 30-60 days. Do not feel like they have denied you. Timing is everything

I have some suggestions for the app. What is the best way to let you guys know?
We LOVE getting your feedback. After all, that is what this beta is for. Please send us an email to hello@collabor8app.com or contact Concierge within the app.

This is the best app I have ever seen in my life. Can I give you a virtual hug for saving me precious time?
Yes we gladly accept virtual hugs!

Lastly, use the #collabor8app hashtag on your posts so we can find them and repost them on our @collabor8app instagram account. Thanks!