Collabor8 Ambassadors

Welcome to our Ambassador Program!

Accepted Ambassadors recieve exclusive opportunities to recieve new products and/or services in exchange for honest reviews, photos, blog posts, social media posts, etc.

Each opportunity will have different prerequisites and requirements to participate. You choose which ones you want to collaborate on. Here are some of our recent projects:

Urban Bloom
Arvo Watches
Vybe Socks

What do we look for in our Ambassadors?

  • Interested in receiving products from brands around the world.
  • Comfortable and able to take quality photos of themselves or family/friends using the products.
  • Willing to provide a review if that is part of the specific collab.
  • Can finish responsibilities in allotted time.

Example of the type of collaboration to expect:

Urban Bloom- UB is a pillow company that needed some lifestyle imagery that they could use on their website and their social media profile. We sent out over 30 pillows to Ambassadors who had shown interest in this collab. The requirement for this collab was to submit back at least 3 lifestyle images of them using the pillows, or displaying it on their bed. Here are a few favorites:


Please fill out the information in the form below to apply and join our exclusive Ambassador program.