Collabor8 is the “Tinder” of influencer marketing, and was the first mobile app to offer one on one collaborations (collabs) between brands and influencers. It allows instant access to thousands of brands and influencers across the world who are eager to collaborate and promote products or services.

Here are a few ways Collabor8 sets itself apart from the rest:

  • Collabor8 allows influencers and brands of all sizes onto the platform. We feel that everyone has the ability to offer influencer value whether it be a large fan base, unique distribution channels, or amazing content creation capabilities.
  • Collabor8’s powerful filter settings allow you to pinpoint desired matches by geographic location, follower count, gender, category, and industry. Filters can also allow you to limit those who can request to Collabor8 with you (i.e. They must have 20,000 followers to be able to request a collab with you).
  • Direct communication via in-app chat between mutually accepted collabs. Guided access to complete collab steps which include establishing posting dates, pay rates, any important details, processing of secure payments, and the ability to leave reviews.
  • FREE to join the platform and collaborate with everyone. Additional functionality (analytics, Brand to Brand collabs, features, etc.) is optional for a small member fee.
  • Secure payments are fully protected. All payments are held in escrow until the influencer has completed the agreed upon task, and it has been verified by the brand. We then release payment to influencer.

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