Seven Steps to a Successful Collab

Think of Collabor8 as one large marketplace. Just like other marketplaces, there are two kinds of participants. In our case, there are the “influencers” on one side and the “brands” on the other. Influencers are typically content creators and publishers. Brands create and sell products and are typically on the hunt for the right product placement and content. To be successful in this marketplace, it’s important that users create a well-curated profile. You can learn more about how to create a great profile in our previous post. Once your profile is created, it’s time to enter the marketplace and start doing some deals! These 7 steps will help you be successful in your collaborations:

  1. Find the Right Fit – There are a ton of influencers and brands on our app just waiting to collabor8. Additionally, we’re adding more brands and influencers to our platform everyday, so there should always be new brands or influencers to check out. Be sure to read their bios and take a look at their products / content to see if it’s a good fit for your objectives. It’s also a good idea to check out some of the social accounts on each profile to spot check their engagement.
  2. Request to Collabor8 – Once you’ve determined you’d like to work with that certain brand / influencer, you’ll tap “COLLABOR8” in the upper righthand corner of their profile. This will send a request to that influencer / brand that you’d like to work with them.request to collabor8 with influencer
  3. Determine Details of Collab – After your request has been submitted, it’s up to that influencer / brand to accept or postpone your request. If a request is accepted, the collaboration will move from the “Requests” tab to the “Collabor8” tab. You’ll find these recently approved collabs under your “Active” queue in the “Collabor8” tab. Either of you will then have the opportunity to begin a conversation with your match in order to determine the details of your collaboration in the chat feature. Typically these details include 1) Date of Post 2) Charge (if something other than trade) and 3) Details of Post (where will the influencer post? what content? what product will be given? any special campaign such as a giveaway, event appearance?).  Once these details have been finalized in chat, the influencer will insert them into the “Collab Details” screen – found by clicking the blue floating button in chat.details button in collaboration found in text featuredate amount and details screen
  4. Brand Funds Collab / Verifies Trade – After the details have been entered in by the influencer, the brand will be responsible for agreeing to those details or funding the collab if there’s a fee by clicking “Fund Collab”. If the rate is $50, the brand will be required at this time to pay the $50. If there is no fee, the brand will click the blue “Trade” button to confirm details.accept trade button for collaboration
  5. Influencer Completes Task – Once the collab details have been agreed to, the influencer is responsible for performing their end of the deal (i.e. posting to social media, taking photos, etc.). Once the influencer has performed the required action (previously agreed to and listed in the “Details” box) they’ll click the blue “Completed” button to confirm their action(s).influencer marks collaboration completed
  6. Brand Verifies Task / Funds Transfer – After the influencer confirms they’ve taken the required action(s), the brand will verify from their side that all is completed. If all has been completed as agreed to the brand will click on the blue “Verify” button and the funds (if any) will flow to the influencer that day based on the payout details the influencer has listed in his/her profile. *Note that the funds sit in escrow between the initial agreement and the actual post to ensure the influencer completes their end of the bargain. The influencer will be comforted in knowing their fee is already paid and waiting for them as soon as they post.brand verifying collaboration has been completed
  7. Review the Collab – The final step in the process (and one of the most important) is for brands and influencers to leave reviews for those they worked with. The review consists of two parts 1) star rating and 2) comments section. Reviews should be honest and thorough. It’s wise to leave a few sentences about why various star ratings are given.brand and influencer review each other


Remember that at any given time you can click into the progress bar to see whose turn it is to do what. Completing these steps are the only way that brands and influencers can get reviewed in the app, as well as the only way that collabs will transfer from you “Active” queue into the “Completed” queue.

brands and influencers can see status of collaboration in fly out screen

If you need any further assistance in your collaborations, feel free to reach out to us – /

Do you have any further questions about Collabor8? Be sure to check out our FAQ page!


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