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We recently had the opportunity to sit down with some of our long-time friends, Garret Williams and Brecken Jones, to discuss the Strange Familia Journey. Read the full post HERE.

What does it mean to Collabor8?

In today’s world, we believe that the most efficient way to have success and find meaning is through the relationships that we build on a daily basis. Using these relationships, we can help each other grow our networks and reach new potential customers. Collabor8 is the single best way to find and cultivate new relationships to enable influencer marketing for both brands and influencers all within a single iPhone app.

Collabor8 Gold

Introducing Collabor8 Gold!

For more information on our new Gold membership, click HERE.

Manage All Social Media Collaborations In One Place

With Collabor8, you are able to keep all of your collaborations and conversations in 1 app. In the fast-paced digital world we live in, we don’t always have time to sort through emails, texts, web inquiries, DMs, PMs, etc. to find a message from someone. In our app, you can manage collaborations across all communication platforms and never miss anything again.

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Brand Influencers Collaborations

Find The Best Brands and Influencers That Fit Your Needs

We are cultivating a platform where many different types of brands and influencers can coexist. Those that are on Collabor8 are aware of the power of collaborations and want to be successful,  just like you!

Search, Chat, Send Photos and Pay All In One Place!

Not only can you search for new people to work with, you also have the ability to chat directly with them once you have agreed to collaborate with each other. When the time comes, you can also make and receive payments through the app. The best part is… we don’t take any cut out of the collaboration fee.

Brand Influencer Collaborations Tools

Available on iPhone

Collabor8 is currently available on the iPhone. A version for Android devices will be available later this year.

Click HERE to be notified once our Android version is available

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  • Easily narrow your search by using our filters to search brands and influencers in our available categories.

    As a brand owner, or influencer, it is important to be able to narrow in on your demographic and find the best matches that fit with your style.

  • See a snapshot of all their social media accounts and the number of followers that they influence.

    Inside each profile you can see stats from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, and more. As you try to increase your reach and work with new people, it is important to gauge their influence and see who best matches your branding and imagery.

  • Chat directly with each other and eliminate that annoying middle man who required additional time, and also wants in on the cut.

    Collabor8 does not take a percentage of each collaboration. We would rather let you keep that money in your pocket.

  • See your collaboration progress and know what the next step is at all times.

    As a brand owner, influencer, digital media manager, or social media director, it is important to be able to stay on track and not let collaborations drag out. We offer notifications and a progress bar that shows you the status of each collaboration.



The Company Behind Collabor8

The Collabor8 App was designed and built by owners, brand managers, and influencers with the sole purpose of making it easier to connect Brands to Influencers and Influencers to Brands. Collabor8 was designed to make it easy to find, communicate, and execute the perfect collaboration between brands and influencers.

Working with others to promote your company or blog should be fun and exciting, not a hassle that sucks too much time and energy. Collabor8 offers a simple platform for you to Elev8 Your Reach.




Peeps are lovin' Collabor8!

  • Testimonial
    Collabor8 has helped us connect with influencers we otherwise wouldn't have met. We have been able to track the progress of collaborations better than ever and we've seen an increase in sales because of these connections. Collabor8 is a game-changer for brands and influencers!
  • Testimonial
    This app just keeps getting better! Amazing! Seriously, this is genius!
    Dani Marie KrumFounder,
  • Testimonial
    Loving the app! Great concept and design. We collaborated with a guy on there and had the whole deal done in about 5 min!
  • Testimonial
    I'm loving it! No more messing about networking on IG! And the brands approach ME as opposed to vice versa?! It's excellent, thanks so much for what I'm sure was many days (and nights!) work to get this app off the ground.
  • Testimonial
    We've been hoping for a single app that puts all of our collaborations in one spot, and we have finally found it. Collabor8 is simple and effective for meeting new influencers. Love it!
  • Testimonial
    We love Collabor8!! It's been working really well for us. Thank you!!!
    Rad Swim

Our Team

Aaron NeuenschwanderCo-Founder

Aaron Neuenschwander


Aaron is a native of Bountiful, Utah. He grew up searching for adventure wherever he could find it which sometimes involved necessary trips to the E.R., sorry Mom! He graduated Magna Cum Laude from BYU with a degree in Finance, which he hardly used while working 2 years at Goldman Sachs (seriously).

He then spent 3.5 years traveling to over 20 countries while working for Governor Herbert doing International Business for the State of Utah. He now works as COO of Arvo and Co-Founder of Collabor8.

Aaron conceived of Collabor8 one day in 2014 while at Starbucks (j/k) and spent the entire part of 2015 making his shared vision become a reality with Jake and their dev team (that part is serious).

Jake Nackos


Jake is the Co-Founder of Collabor8 and the #1 advocate for influencer marketing. After finishing up school with Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, he took a dip into the startup world and launched a watch brand called Arvo. As the CEO of Arvo, Jake has been able to see the benefit of working with influencers from all over the world and the impact they can make on branding, awareness, and sales.

Aside from work Jake is married to a great gal named Ashley, has 1 energetic son named Leo and scruffy puppy named Newman. Jake loves photography, golf, hanging with family, and anything that involves the outdoors. Oh and he loves small biz startups. And beards.

Jake NackosCo-Founder
Ben TurleyCo-Founder

Ben Turley


Ben graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Information Systems and is passionate about startups and technology. He has a wealth of experience building apps and websites, and has proven his expertise in the success of several popular software products in use by more than 100 million people. Most notably, he co-founded and built the Scan app (Scan, Inc), which was acquired by Snapchat for a bit over $50M.

Ben’s skills include backend API services, frontend web and mobile development, infrastructure automation, and image processing.

When he isn’t building things for work, Ben enjoys photography, playing with drones and 3D printers, and of course, spending time with his wife and two boys.

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